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Play Cloths Holiday 2011 Mixtape

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Play Cloths is releasing their Holiday 2011 mixtape to coincide with the recent holiday collection. The mixtape was an exclusive gift to all the Play Cloths retailers and shoppers over the Thanksgiving weekend. The ten track mixtape features appearances and freestyles by Pusha T, Liva Don, Curt@!n$, Hodgy Beats, Tyler, The Creator, M. Watts and more.

If you haven’t seen the new Play Cloths lookbooks make sure to check them out


1. Dont’t Fuck With Me (Feat. Pusha T)
2. Ima Boss Freestyle (Feat. Pusha T & Liva Don)
3. Tony Montana Freestyle (Feat. Pusha T)
4. Might Healthy Freestyle (Feat. Curt@!n$)
5.  She Will Freestlye (Feat. Liva Don)
6. Ni**as In Paris Freestyle (Fat Trel)
7. Oooh (Feat. Hodgy Beats, Pusha T, Liva Don & Tyler, The Creator)
8. Welcome to the Life (Feat. M. Watts)
9. I Shot Ya Freestyle (Feat. Curt@!n$)
10. Pesos Freestyle (Feat. Pusha T)

Download: Play Cloths Holiday 2011 Mixtape

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  • Flame_master_666

    pusha t= best rapper alive


    pusha the game needs you malice to . you malice and liva need to get together and do a new mixtape . R-E-U-P-G-A-N-G-.

  • Jeppy3456

    Do not let the label change  you Pusha….come with the metaphors and the same old flow that we all love you for. The flow that gets you props from any and everyone that has heard you….Liva you are underrated as fuck and anyone who knows rap knows you can spit with any of the clowns that own the billboards