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Mixtape: Pusha T – Wrath of Caine

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Pusha T’s highly anticipated mixtape “Wrath of Caine” is finally here. Listen and download the new tape that features Rick Ross, Troy Ave, Wale, French Montana as well as production from The Neptunes, B!nk, Kanye West and more.

DOWNLOAD: Wrath of Caine

1. Pusha T – Intro [Prod. By Dready]
2. Pusha T – Millions (Feat. Rick Ross) [Prod. By Southside, Co-Prod. By Kanye West]
3. Pusha T – Doesn’t Matter (Feat. French Montana) [Prod. By Renegades]
4. Pusha T – Blocka [Prod. By Young Chop]
5. Pusha T – Road Runner (Feat. Troy Ave) [Prod. By Harry Fraud]
6. Pusha T – Revolution [Prod. By The Neptunes]
7. Pusha T – Only You Can Tell It (Feat. Wale) [Prod. By Boogz N Tapes]
8. Pusha T – Trust You (Feat. Kevin Gates) [Prod. By SK & Arthur McArthur]
9. Pusha T – Take My Life (Feat. Andrea Martin) [Prod. By Jake-One]
10. Pusha T – Liva – Re-Up Gang Motivation [Prod. By !llmind]
11. Pusha T – I Am Forgiven [Prod. By B!nk]

  • http://twitter.com/jaymo357 JAYMO REALSH*T

    rt..13n lets go

  • James Stringer

    Hey Push,

    Will Pain be a good indication of the production value of My Name Is My Name? I was super impressed by Fear Of God, like I continue play it every day, but future mixtapes felt a little less impressive, I think mostly because many tracks were reissues originally included in FOG and many of the feature tracks didn’t hit the highs I came to expect

    I’m really excited for the new album but just hopes it matches/exceeds the quality of FOG. Good luck bro.

    Two more questions

    Does hip hop evolve in cycles/periods, where there is one prominent production house (eg Dre and Co of the early 2000′s) for a period of time, do you think the early 2010′s be signified by Good Music’s current quality releases?

    Unlike other industries, collaboration by competitors in music/hip hop is prominent. What do you think drives that decision to collaborate?

    Thanks bro


  • oZ

    Who is the actress, the bad ass female model in the Millions music video? What’s her name?

  • Mohammed Bappa

    positive energy from pusha t…keep the vibes comin’

  • mbo

    King Push!

  • J

    tried to DL this and it failed miserably thanks to the program Push has used for his download. fix it! just spent up to $5 on my card just to be linked-and-linked-and-linked-and-linked to everything else BUT the mixtape. shame on you!
    .. the biggest portion of money deducted for my card also had nothing to do with the mixtape. it was a donation to the useless website that I was linked to, AND didn’t even agree to it. it just said I had made a donation of $3.. for no reason..

    I would love to hear back from you (although it will never happen) to hear what you have to say in response to this! if it comes to it, I may be seeking action to be re-emberssed, at the least!

  • Michael

    My name is, my name is; Brown Peruvian.